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Cosmedic Mentor

Cosmedic Mentor

Combining Beauty and Medicine through the Art of Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmedic Mentor is a unique mentoring program focused on YOUR skill development, in YOUR clinic, with YOUR patients under the direct guidance of Dr Irene Kushelew.

Drawing on over 20 years experience in cosmetic medicine Cosmedic Mentor specialises in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, servicing the training requirements of medical practitioners Australia-wide.

We provide in-clinic training only – we come to you, providing one-on-one guidance and training with your patients. We ensure you gain the necessary skills to continue practising the techniques taught and provide follow-up support.

Generating income and loyalty in YOUR Practice, Cosmedic Mentor is an extremely cost effective program.

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The Cosmedic Mentor Program

Consider CONVENIENCE when accommodating your training requirements.

Cosmedic Mentor designs DISTINCTIVE programs to suit your needs.

While training in your clinic you are able to generate an income from patients participating as models.

ADVANTAGE to patient – reduced cost of treatment while training under expert supervision.
ADVANTAGE to you – generating an income from training
EASY follow up of patients within your practice
CONFIDENCE in building loyalty

As a national trainer in cosmetic injection techniques since 2001, the best training opportunities and results come from in clinic training with hands on experience. Building a relationship with an expert trainer as mentor enhances the opportunities for on-going learning.

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  • Training
  • Results
  • Understanding
  • Success
  • Total Commitment

The program offers training opportunities in the following areas:


  • Basic techniques
    • glabellar
    • frontalis
    • periorbital
  • Advanced techniques
    • infraorbital wrinkle reduction
    • infraorbital pretarsal (opening the eye)
    • nasalis (bunny lines)
    • depressor septi nasi (nasal tip elevation)
    • dilator naris (nasal flare)
    • LLSAN (gummy smile)
    • perioral (smoker’s lines)
    • mentalis (chin crease and dimply chin)
    • DAO (mouth frown)
    • platysmal bands
  • In addition
    • NEFERTITI LIFT (jawline lift and definition)
    • MASSETERIC INJECTIONS (non surgical reshaping if the lower face)
    • HYPERHIDROSIS – axillary


  • Basic techniques
    • 3 point cheek lift
    • lip fillers
    • augmentation
    • definition
    • gloss effect
    • perioral lines
    • marionette
  • Advanced techniques
    • MD codes
    • forehead reshaping
    • temple filling
    • brow lifting
    • periorbital reshaping
    • 8 point lift
    • 5 point cheek contouring
    • tear trough
    • nasolabial
    • marionette
    • 6 point chin reshape
    • 5 point jawline reshape
    • micro
    • micro bolus
    • bolus
    • threading both anterograde and retrograde
    • fanning
    • benefits of both.


  • Facial proportions and harmony
    • marquardt beauty mask
    • golden ratio Phi
    • ogee curve


  • minimising risks
  • management of adverse events

With Dr Irene Kushelew’s experience in teaching over 500 training sessions since 2001 she can guide you in the optimal use of DERMAL FILLERS and BOTULINUM TOXIN to achieve maximum results for your patients and help grow your practice.

COSMEDIC MENTOR is an investment in YOUR success in YOUR practice with YOUR patients.

About Us

Dr Irene Kushelew

The Cosmedic Mentor service builds on over 25 years’ experience in Cosmetic Medicine in which Dr Kushelew has developed a national reputation for her expertise and skill in injectable facial rejuvenation techniques (anti-wrinkle injections & dermal fillers).

Dr Kushelew graduated in medicine in 1982 and has since become one of Australia’s leading practitioners of non-surgical cosmetic medicine. She is a Founding Member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA), a former SA President of CPSA, a Fellow and Former President of the Faculty of Medicine of The Australian College of Cosmetic Surgeons (ACCS), Member of the Allergan Advisory Board, a National Trainer for Allergan, Founder & Director of the former Adelaide Rejuvenation Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Kushelew’s principal clinic is in Adelaide but she consults Australia-wide.

Since 2001 Dr Kushelew has conducted in excess of 1000 training sessions, training numerous doctors and nurses in both group workshops and in-clinic visits, assisting a number of doctors in establishing their own cosmetic practices.

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